Why Needs Windows 7 Product key for Lifetime Activation

By | December 21, 2016

Windows 7 Product key
Windows 7 Ultimate is the most powerful operating system. Windows 7 Product key can be used to activate your operating system for unlock any features. Almost every Microsoft software and windows requires an input of product key while the installation process. It is to make sure whether the software or Windows are original. Product key are some software based unique code made for a specific program. The product key may be observed with any paid software’s or programs.

The original windows 7 can cost about $119 for one DVD. So, it can be considered a high price product and hence a product key is required to ensure that the product is original or not. The product key for Windows 7 is of 25 characters. Now you can get the Windows 7 Ultimate Product key and more information in below.

Why Need Windows Product key?

The Windows 7 product key plays very important part for the proper installation of the original windows in your system. You need the key for the following reasons:

Required for the activation of the windows:

During the process of installation of the Windows 7, a product key is asked before the completion of the process. The user must enter the original Product Key in this step. The user will not be able to use the windows 7 without inputting the product key. Once the correct product key is entered, then the system will be installed with working windows 7. The process of installation will be completed.

Important to check the originality of windows:

The authenticity of the Windows 7 can be checked with the use of the product key for the installation. It can help to avoid the use of bad quality fake Windows 7 with the original product key. There are many free product keys available online for the installation of Windows 7, but only the original key must be used while installing the original Windows 7 in the system.


Where to Find Windows 7 Product key?

The product key is a very important code to remember. If one forgets this code, then it is crucial for them to know about where to find it. The product key with Windows 10 activator can be found at many places, depending on the mode of the purchase of the Windows 7.

–  When the Windows 7 DVD is purchased online or from any retailer.

  • Then the product key can be located within the box of the DVD of the original Windows 7 DVD box.

– When the original windows are already installed in your new PC.

  • The product key can be found within the packaging of your PC. It may also be located with the Code of authenticity which is provided with the PC.

– When the original windows are purchased from official Microsoft website.

  • The product key for the activation of the Windows 7 will be emailed to the buyer in the confirmation email address provided by the buyer.

How to use Product key?

For installing new Windows 7 in the PC, using a product key can be very simple. First of all, find the product key and then simply enter the product key when asked. One can also follow the provided steps for Activating the Windows 7:

  • Download Windows 7 with Product key from here.
  • Right click on the ‘Computer’ icon.
  • Select the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Activate windows now’ tab.
  • Enter the Windows product key.
  • Enjoy Windows 7 OS.


The Window key is very important factor which can help for Windows activation. Windows 7 Product key can be located on different location, depending upon the platform used for the purchase of Windows 7. This code is used for the activation of the windows. The activation of the windows 7 can be completed by following some simple steps.

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